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Specialista on-line marketingu

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Vanda Kadeřábková Březinová
Koncertní pěvkyně a lektorka

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Soňa Paleta

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Martina Ptáčková
Marketingová ředitelka

In my opinion, Mrs. Matoušková is a great coach. Every session is very interesting and insightful for me. She helps me think more deeply about issues and look for new, for me unexpected ways of resolving them. I appreciate also her agreeableness and professionality.

Akademický pracovník

I did not have a specific expectation from coaching, nor did I know how it could help me going forward. The first get-to-know session gave me an idea. Afterwards, I took three sessions only, which were however very fruitful. Consultations with Katerina were thoroughly positive dialogues which helped me structure my thoughts. They were very inspirational and helped me concentrate my energy in the right direction in the following months and had immediate as well as long term results. I appreciated I could set the frequency of sessions according to my needs, and that we quickly found a way forward.

Ondřej Marek
Team Manager, Stone & Belter

Thanks to coaching sessions with Katerina I have realised many things about myself. For instance that our failures do not come exclusively from exterior events, but that it is our mind which plays games with us. In any case I thoroughly recommend you try coaching sessions.

Romain Puddu

I was new to coaching and I did not know what to expect. Kateřina puts her heart into her work, she shares the client’s story and she directs the client to look at their situation from a different angle. Outcomes can be surprising.

Tomáš Verner
Software developer na volné noze

I was happy to try something new. In coaching you need to know what you want to change (in yourself and in your employees). It was hard setting priorities for moving forward. I realized I needed to delegate tasks to relieve myself from having too much to do.

What I found unique was how Katka was pulling us into discussing the issue at hand and how she pushed us towards finding a solution.

Marcela Stütz
Ředitelka dětského domova

My experience with Katka as a coach was excellent because first, she speaks French perfectly and also because she has a deep understanding of people. The coaching helped me to move forward concerning my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Katka for anyone who wants some changes in his life!

Pierre-Antoine Montez
Entrepreneur, technical & sales engineer

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Šárka Šatrová
Jednatelka, 4.PROSTOR, s.r.o. - reklamní a marketingová agentura

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Ondřej Jon

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Na přání klienta anonymní

Katka is a great coach who is there for her clients fully. She has helped me get clear on my life goals and always take the first step towards achieving them. Thanks to the coaching, I was able to initiate important changes in my life which among other things have lead to a much more satisfying everyday experiences.

Jiří Tvrdek
Nezávislý grafik

I asked Katerina for help at a point in my life where I was not sure where I was heading professionally and also personally. I felt stuck and I did not know which direction to take. Katerina helped me become aware of and define my life’s goal or purpose. She helped me see my developmental needs but above all see my strenghts which I can build on to reach my life’s objective. She helped me see parts of my personality of which I was not even aware of, and she helped me change perspective and focus on my strengths rather than weaknesses. What I am most greatful for is that thanks to her I realised whichever direction I take, it is fine, there is no right or wrong. Now I am starting to do new things which I may have contemplated, but never dared think I would be the person doing them, maybe even for a living. I feel I am slowly getting unstuck and beginning to grow again.

Kristýna Holková
Social worker

Dear Katerina,

I remember when you asked what I had learned at the end of our session and I would find one or two things which were so simple. But I realised that these 1 or 2 things are more than enough to start changing the way of thinking in order to move towards new goal and reaching new perspectives. Katerina, thank you so much for your sessions, for you time and for your private story and experience, it did make me think differently.

Here is my feedback: Katerina was my first coach and I am very happy I have chosen her among others. She is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, as well as she is a nice person, who would make one feel comfortable and talk like if s/he has known her for ages. It may sounds unreal, but after two sessions I have started thinking differently in both spheres: professional and private. They say: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Thank you, Katerina! for appearing in my life.

Katerina Zolotova
Zakladatelka Angel Malma

Katka’s professional coaching has given me the right direction I needed. Katka’s optimism and  belief in my capability has given me the courage to take a career change decision I might otherwise have contepmlated for too long. Thank you

Klára Hamidová
Projektový manažer

Coaching gives me a fresh perspective, one which I would not have got to on my own. Katka does not give advice but she asks questions I would not have asked myself and which show me where my potential lies.

Pavel Herman
Manažer, Partners.cz

People often ask me why I still see a coach, whether I have a problem I am dealing with or what. They see me as intelligent, successful, with my company prospering, so, they ask, why would I need advice from anybody? These people, I think, do not understand the role of the coach. In my opinion coaching is not about problem solving, but about multiplying my potential. No matter how smart and competent you are, you have your blind spots, parts of your life which you do not see objectively. A good question asked by the coach leads you to discover a perspective you would not have discovered on your own. Imagine a coach as a tool that multiplies your capacity to see opportunities and achieve your goals. I see this as the best possible investment. I do not recommend Katerina as I am afraid she would not have enough time for me then!😛

Peter Levius
Zakladatel 3d.sk